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PS5 hacked: modder with surprising discovery

Image: Hacker, Free Stock Picture,
Image: Hacker, Free Stock Picture,

After a jailbreak on the Playstation 5 was successful at the beginning of the month, a modder has now published his first finds. They provide clues to the great mysteries of the gaming scene.

A so-called jailbreak describes the state when the settings of a device are “liberated” by a hack and thus become freely accessible and variable. This is exactly what was recently achieved on the Playstation 5 .

Lance McDonald, the modder who achieved this feat, has now dug deep into the game console’s file archive – and discovered some amazing things, as the online magazine Eurogamer reports.

Legendary hoax ring suddenly real

The first thing that the digital treasure hunt brought to light is actually a legendary treasure from the gaming scene. In the files of the Demon’s Soul remake, McDonald found a 3D model of the legendary Chieftain’s Ring.

The supposedly powerful artifact was originally a hoax from fans in the original game. Fake screenshots and eyewitness accounts claimed the item’s existence, leading players to frantically search for the item in-game – even though it never existed.

So that could change in the remake – a friendly wink from the programmers to the fan base.

“Abandoned” a secret “Silent Hill” project?

McDonald’s second find is no less mysterious: he found a file directory for the game “Abandoned” – a survival horror game from the studio Blue Box – which was initially widely announced and then suddenly disappeared from the scene completely. In addition, the developer studio published contradictory statements, which were then deleted.

It is not known whether the strange behavior is a marketing strategy. However, the files contain references to consciously playing with gaming myths. Because in the “Abandoned” folder there is a map called PT2 – an allusion to the never completed “Silent Hill” successor.

“Seems like at some point they planned to have some ‘this is secretly a silent hill project’ bullshit trail up their sleeves,” the modder wrote on Twitter.

With these interesting finds, one can remain curious as to what else McDonald will find in the cracked heart of the PS5.