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Black Mirror Creator: Episode written by AI turned out to be unusable

The Black Mirror series is known for its multi-layered approach to technology. Pretty much every episode showcases amazing technologies and what they can be capable of, both positively and negatively. The maker Charlie Brooker wanted to risk an experiment and actually have an episode of the anthology series written by an AI. But according to the series creator, the end result was completely useless.

Image: Video Game, Free Stock Picture,
Image: Video Game, Free Stock Picture,

Brooker used ChatGPT as an experiment. But according to the author, the result was impressive at first glance, but the more closely you read the script, the more you noticed that it was nonsense. As it should be expected: ChatGPT took the plot summaries of all previous episodes of “Black Mirror” and “remixed” them into a new episode.

According to Brooker, the result was a screenplay that didn’t contain a single original idea. Sure, because ChatGPT can’t really work creatively. But I guess that’s also good news for writers in Hollywood who are on strike right now . They will not be replaced by artificial intelligence anytime soon.

Incidentally, the sixth season of “Black Mirror” starts on June 15, 2023 on Netflix. The cast includes Aaron Paul, Salma Hayek Pinault, Kate Mara and Michael Cera.