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NASA: SLS And Orion Launch To The Moon On Saturday

NASA has made its decision: On Saturday, a new attempt for the world’s largest rocket to fly to the moon will start. The space agency has made some changes to increase the chances of success.

After a botched start last Monday, NASA is making a new attempt for the Artemis 1 mission . Next Saturday, September 3rd, the “biggest rocket in the world”, SLS (Space Launch System) , will launch.

Initially, the space agency had considered Friday, but the weather forecast speaks against it. There was a 60 percent chance that the weather would result in an aborted takeoff. On Saturday, however, only sporadic rainfall is expected. The launch will be broadcast live on various NASA channels.

Image: NASA, Free Stock Picture, MorgueFile.com.

Loading procedures are changed

NASA reports that the teams are working on an approach to prevent an error like Monday’s. One of the engines could not be cooled down to -252 degrees Celsius. A hydrogen leak was also discovered.

Now NASA is changing the start procedure: Those responsible now want to complete the tap test 30 to 45 minutes earlier in the countdown process. This would put him in the fast-fill phase with liquid hydrogen. The technicians should practice the new procedure beforehand. NASA has already tested them at the Stennis Space Center in Mississippi.

Check containers and connection points

In addition, NASA is reconfiguring the platforms on the launch pad to give engineers access to the rinsing tank. That’s where the leak had occurred. You should check the affected lines and connection points and tighten them if necessary.

If the launch is successful this time, the SLS will transport its Orion probe the longest distance that has ever been covered by a space capsule. It will also remain in space longer than any other spacecraft used to transport people. This is mainly possible because the capsule transports plastic dummies instead of astronauts .