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Intel discontinues Pentium and Celeron for new Intel processor

Image: Intel, Free Stock Picture, MorgueFile.com.
Image: Intel, Free Stock Picture, MorgueFile.com.

Intel is set to retire its long-used Pentium and Celeron CPU brands and has instead opted for a new, unified naming structure for Intel processors.

Starting in 2023, Intel notebooks will be powered by an Intel processor that spans multiple processor technology families.

“Intel is committed to driving innovation for the benefit of users, and our entry-level processor families have been instrumental in raising the standard of PCs at all price points,” said Josh Newman, the company’s interim general manager of Mobile Client Platforms.

“The new Intel processor branding will simplify our offering so users can focus on selecting the right processor for their needs.”

An Intel Pentium chip was first used in a consumer PC in 1993, and many generations have come since then. The Celeron chips were introduced in 1998.

Intel is looking to simplify the entire naming structure, with “Intel Processor” set to join the flagship Intel Core, Intel Evo, and Intel vPro brands.

The idea behind this change is to make it easier for consumers to buy products. However, mostly only the branding will change, since the product lines that the chipmaker plans to serve remain largely the same.