Nintendo Switch Splatoon 2, joatseu, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons, [Nintendo Switch 2 Console could appear 2024]

Nintendo Switch 2 Console could appear 2024

According to new information, Nintendo will release its next-gen console: Nintendo Switch 2 console in the second half of 2024.

Nintendo Switch Splatoon 2 Image: Nintendo Switch Splatoon 2, joatseu, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons [Nintendo Switch 2 Console could appear 2024]

The online site cites its own sources. They published on Tuesday that Nintendo wants to release Nintendo Switch 2 console in the second half of 2024. The development kits for the previously unannounced new console will be partner studios.

The release window will be the second half of 2024. This should give Nintendo enough time to secure enough copies for the market launch. According to the report, this new next-gen console could also be used in portable mode again.

Nintendo Switch 2 console with significantly more powerful hardware

In addition, the upcoming consolewill receive significantly more powerful hardware than the first Switch console. This brings Nintendo to save elsewhere: for mobile use, it should only have an LC display, while the current switch model is available with an OLED screen, says the report.

Nintendo will also need more storage space for the increased hardware. So far, the switch only has 32 gigabytes of space for games.

There will also be a slot for physical data carriers. A so-called “software card”. Meanwhile, competitor Sony wants to launch its own PS5 Slim without a drive. The Xbox Series S from Microsoft also no longer has a drive.

That’s what the Nintendo boss says about the Switch 2

In May, Nintendo already announced that the long-awaited successor to the Switch would not be released until April 2024 at the earliest. Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa stated during an investor presentation that the company is not considering any new hardware in fiscal year 2023/24. That ends on March 31, 2024.

So Nintendo doesn’t seem to be in a hurry. Even though Switch sales are down. The console was sold almost 18 million times in the past fiscal year. For comparison: In the previous year there were 23 million copies sold. The year before it was 28 million.

However, Nintendo has no plans to launch a new console to counteract this drop, as the company has forecast a further drop in the coming year. “It will be difficult to maintain the sales momentum of the Switch in its seventh year,” Furukawa said at the presentation. “Our goal of selling 15 million units this fiscal year is a little far-fetched, but we’ll do our best to drive demand into the holiday season so we can hit that target.” Seems like it’s aiming for the first Switch to get as much out of it as possible before the successor finally hits the ground running.

Rumors of a new console have been circulating for years. The new console is said to offer improved graphics, similar to the Playstation 4 and its Pro model, but there’s still no official information about the next piece of Nintendo hardware.