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Apple iPhone 15 Date Leak

Apple iPhone 15 Date Leaked
Image: Apple iPhone Originallogo via AI, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons
Apple iPhone 15 leak: event likely on September 13th

According to their information, Apple plans to introduce the new iPhone series in the third week of September . Not only one source claims to the portal that mobile phone providers have imposed a vacation ban for September 13, 2023 . Means no one should be allowed to take the day off.

Just a coincidence? Probably not, after all, industry experts are expecting the iPhone 15 to be presented in September. With a few exceptions, this is the usual month for new iPhones.

Last year, Apple introduced the iPhone 14 on a Wednesday, September 7th . September 13, 2023 also falls on a Wednesday . Although Apple has presented new iPhones on Tuesdays in the past, the information provided by mobile phone providers is more likely to point to Wednesday.

Apple iPhone Leak: Dates for the start of orders and sales

If September 13th is actually correct in the end, Apple should start taking pre-orders from Friday September 15th . The actual start of sales for the iPhone 15 would then be a week later, on Friday, September 22nd.

However, it is not entirely clear whether all models can be ordered at such an early stage. We remember: Last year Apple showed the iPhone 14 Plus on the same day as the other variants, but you could only buy it in October. Should Apple struggle with production problems , a staggered market launch could definitely be considered.

It is expected that all variants of the iPhone 15 will leave the Lightning connection behind this year and that Apple will integrate USB‑C in cell phones for the first time . Meanwhile, there are four different variants – iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max. We will probably only see the new A17 chip in the Pro models. In return, the two standard models will have the A16 from the previous year and, for the first time, a Dynamic Island in the display.