Elon Musk: New Tesla will come in 2023

Tesla is one of the first addresses when customers go looking for a new electric car. A common point of criticism, however, is the small selection of models: If you don’t want a limousine shape, you don’t need to look around at Tesla. This is about to change soon.

Tesla isn’t the fast type when it comes to new models. The selection at the e-car pioneer is sparse. Model S, Model 3, Model X and Model Y, the manufacturer does not have any other wheels in its range. At least so far, because CEO Elon Musk has other plans in store , two of which are to be implemented soon.

Image: Red Tesla Model S, Free Stock Picture, MorgueFile.com.

Tesla truck coming in 2022, Cybertruck will be delivered in 2023

These are not previously unknown electric cars. Rather, Musk finally wants to keep his promises and expand Tesla’s product range with the Cybertruck, which has been planned for a long time. In a recent tweet, the Tesla boss announced that the Cybertruck could be delivered in 2023. We are excited to see what will come of it. After all, until recently it was still said that customers could look forward to the massive electric pick-up this year.

The slot in the schedule will probably not be wasted at Tesla, because Musk announces the launch of another newcomer. However, it should hardly be something for the valued private customer: the semi truck will be Tesla’s first electric truck. The e-car manufacturer advertises it on its website as the “safest, most comfortable truck ever” – quite a statement.

In such a huge electric vehicle there is a lot more space for batteries and so the Semi should also achieve the longest range of all Tesla vehicles to date: Depending on the selection, there should be just under 500 km or just over 800 km per battery charge. According to Musk’s Twitter message, the latter version should be delivered later this year :

The promises of Elon Musk: please use with caution

As far as prices are concerned, Musk is keeping a low profile as usual. There is also no fixed date for the Semi or the Cybertruck. The range “in 2023” for the electric pickup is wide – and Tesla customers are used to the fact that Elon Musk cannot keep some delivery promises.