Microsoft Store completely bans the sale of open source software

Microsoft has now announced that it will ban the sale of open source software in the Microsoft Store. The change will officially come into effect on July 16.

Image: Microsoft Store

The Microsoft Store is known for its many illegitimate apps. Numerous open source programs have been offered for sale in the past without the rightful developers of the project being compensated or involved in any way. The group had announced that it would take action. And they seem to have opted for the worst possible compromise.

Microsoft bans the sale of all open source programs from its store. So that they can only be offered there for free or not at all. Many projects had previously used the store for funding by paying for the program on the store while at the same time making it available for free through the official site. Developers were disappointed with the move and have already given their opinion on Twitter. Projects like WinSCP or Krita make paid versions of their open source programs available in the store. They ask for a small sum in the store, which can be considered a donation, to support the development of the application.

Developers are asking Microsoft to revise the policy and provide actual open source developers with a way to make their apps available through the Store for a fee. In-store sales can help projects get better funding, which will also benefit the programs themselves.