Antivirus software: Mac vs Windows

It doesn’t matter whether you have a Mac or a Windows PC. In both cases, you should protect the device as best as possible and use antivirus software . In the following guide you will learn why this is so important and how you can recognize that your device is infected.

Why is good virus protection so important?

More and more things are happening on the internet. Unfortunately, hackers try to exploit exactly this. But to make it more difficult for them to access your PC and, in the best case, even prevent it, you install antivirus software on your device. This not only protects against viruses, but also, for example, against malware or Trojans. It also helps to surf the Internet responsibly. Do not open suspicious attachments in e-mails and also do not go to sites that your antivirus program warns you about.

But even if you land on one, it should protect you from various attacks. For this reason, you should definitely install it and never surf without one.

Do I need a separate antivirus program?

Even if the so-called Windows Defender on Windows PCs is constantly being further developed, it makes sense to use a separate antivirus program. You can download this from various websites and sometimes you don’t even have to pay any money for it. Mac users are somewhat better protected. Because these are much less often the target of cyber villains. In addition, the Apple computers have innovative protection functions. But you can also download separate antivirus programs for the Mac and thus protect yourself even better against various dangers on the Internet. In this way, your sensitive data cannot be viewed by unauthorized persons and you can surf without hesitation.

How do I know if my Mac has a virus?

As mentioned above, Macs are far less likely to be affected by viruses than Windows PCs. Still, it can happen. There are a number of things you can do to find out if this is the case for you. If, for example, you suddenly see advertisements on pages where nothing else was to be seen, it may be that your computer is infected with a so-called adware program. Also run a regular scan of your antivirus tool to quickly find any hidden viruses.

Final remark

To stay safe online, you should use antivirus software. There are numerous different versions, so you should compare exactly which variant suits you best. Some free tools also do their job very reliably. Be sure to install such a program on your Windows PC as well as on your Mac. This is because you extend the basic protection and make the work of the hackers more difficult. As a result, your personal data is protected as best as possible and your PC will not be attacked by viruses, Trojans and the like as quickly.