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AI boom: These companies and stocks are benefiting

Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the technology industry and bringing huge profits to some companies. Some come off particularly well.

Image: Programming, Free Stock Picture,
Image: Programming, Free Stock Picture,

The hype surrounding artificial intelligence (AI) has increased significantly in recent years. AI is also increasingly finding its way into everyday work. According to a report by Goldman Sachs, AI will finally hit the mainstream in 2023 and is now “too big to ignore”.

Companies like OpenAI have gained great popularity with AI tools like the now world-renowned chatbot ChatGPT or the image generator Dall-E. Content generated by a bot quickly became the norm.

No wonder, then, that the demand for AI-enabled chips has risen sharply recently. Chip manufacturers like Nvidia benefit from this boom, because AI programs like ChatGPT require a lot of computing power, and GPUs are ideal for these requirements.

Nvidia at the top

With a share of 80 percent, Nvidia dominates the world market for graphics card chips and offers a wide range of products specifically for machine learning. “If the AI ​​trend proves sustainable, the immediate demand will be for chips and computing power, and that’s where Nvidia is the flagship at the moment,” Thomas Hayes, chairman of private equity firm Great Hill Capital, said of Nvidia’s strong gains, according to german news Tagesschau the past few weeks.

But not only Nvidia benefits from the AI ​​hype. For example, AMD, a direct competitor of Nvidia, specializes in developing microprocessors and chipsets. The company has announced that it will make its AI accelerator business its top priority, which could soon rival Nvidia.

Contract manufacturers such as the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) and software companies such as Service Now also work closely with Nvidia and are benefiting from the AI ​​boom.

The stock markets are not unaffected by the hype surrounding artificial intelligence. Logically, the most popular stock among professional investors is Nvidia, but other AI-related stocks are also enjoying increasing popularity. Companies like Broadcom, TSMC, and Service Now have all rallied in recent months, significantly increasing their profits. ASML and Marvell were also able to post clearly recognizable growth.